Alaskan Dispatch

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The funny thing about being a fly fishing guide and outfitter is you actually have to guide and outfit most of the year to make a living. And that means travel. A lot of damn travel. As streamlined as booking travel is, I'm constantly amazed at how big of a pain in the ass the whole uncomfortable, crowded process is.


As a destination Lodge owner, I am open to suggestions as to how I could make getting to Montana any easier for our guests. So please comment below if you have any suggestions!


Since our last "report" we have hosted trips to Playa Blanca, Mexico, Providence Atoll, Seychelles and Alaska. There are so many great images from these trips, it's hard to pick one or two that would convey the laughter, the success, the sweat and successes everyone experienced. Have a look at our recent galleries here Http://Www.Stonefly.Smugmug.Com


Next year's trips to these destinations are just about full, but we have a few spots available here and there.


In Montana, we are sitting on a healthy 107% snowpack. It's my guess we will have enough h2o to get us through the hot months this summer. I'm looking forward to a hopper chucking August , I'll tell you that for Sure!


Our spring fishing has been very typical, and in some cases very good. Mind the weather and focus on the gentleman's hours. 11-3 will be the peak of the feeding activity. You know, that's when the trout actually might put your fly in it's mouth.... Try streamers, but move them slow. Nymph the slower wintery type water with midges, worms of all colors and stones. Most of all be persistent. Find the right water, and work it over. Our trout are still podded up in their winter lies. They will spread out more when the caddis hit, just sayin...


Thanks for reading, enjoy our new website and photo gallery - and feel free to comment. Writing fishing reports kind of sucks when you don't know if anyone is reading them.....


Thanks, Dan "Rooster" Leavens
One of the few Simms endorsed outfitters in the United States, your outfitter and lodge owner Dan "Rooster" Leavens knows what it takes to get the job done right, the first time. From his guide crew to his office staff you can count on a professional, courteous, entertaining and hard working team that will make you feel at home during your stay.
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