The hardest working guide staff in the business.
you have our word on it.

The hardest working guide staff in the business.
you have our word on it.


Dan "Rooster" Leavens

Rooster is on the pro staffs of Simms, Scott Flyrods, Hatch Reels, Clackacraft Drift Boats and Mossy Oak Camo. An ex-USCG rescue swimmer, he’s rebuilt diesel engines, called in bull elk, and knows how to grill a mean “cowboy coffee” steak. Those that know him are certainly aware of his belief that there is plenty of room in Montana for all of God's creatures – right next to the mashed potatoes. All that said, he tends to specialize in fishing where "there aint nobody". Between Montana Trout, Alaska Steelhead and hosting Saltwater trips, Rooster spends more time on the water than off. When he is asked how The Stonefly is so successful year after year, he promptly blames it on his crew. Most importantly, he knows how to listen, communicate, and he’ll remember your name on a handshake.

David Blanton

David joined our crew eight years ago, fresh in from the rivers of Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, where he spent the better part of a decade guiding anglers on the fabled waters of Interior Alaska. Over the last 8 seasons, David has proven himself and his skills time and again in all conditions. Quick witted and easy going, he personifies the word professional. If we had to describe him in one line it would go a lot like this.. "The last to quit and the first to buy the beer".

Charlie "Carlos" Greiner

Charlie – or “Carlos” as we have come to call him, began his career at The Stonefly 6 seasons ago. Through working his way up the Totem Pole, he has developed a vast understanding of what it takes to make your fly fishing vacation a great one. From the fishing to the beer cooler, Carlos is in tune with what is going on. Strong as an ox, and always grinning, Carlos is a great oarsman and quick to adapt to our changing conditions. His easy going personality has made him one of our best instructors for the beginning angler we have ever had. He works great with kids of all ages and will often times be your evening host around the fire. Don’t be mistaken though – Charlie is a fish catcher, and will stop at nothing to make sure you are tired at the end of the day.

Garey Avis

Garey once told me he was "put on this earth to catch trout". Most people wouldn't say that about themselves unless they were damned serious about it. He used to spend the colder months down south of the equator guiding for sea run browns in Argentina's Tierra Del Fuego, where he met his wife Susan. When he isn't guiding in Montana, you might find him building a hot rod, tying flies, or fishing the Big Hole with his wife.

Ty Smith

Ty is a true outdoorsman. He is quick witted, fishy, and quick to buy the cocktails at the end of the day. He spends more time in the wilderness than most people ever dream about and has the stories to go with it. He is one of our best on the Madison River, but dont let that fool you - he loves the rest of 'em just as much.

Kelly Harrison

Kelly is one of the industries example setters when it comes to ladies in the sport. She is sincere, hard working and very good at what she does. Hailing from Missoula, she cut her teeth on the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Blackfoot and Missouri - but has taken the route of a true trout bum and travels the state of Montana guiding on all of our great waters. She is a real pro when it comes to instruction, enthusiasm and attention to detail. Like any great guide, Kelly is booked far in advance - so please get in touch with us sooner rather than later for a day or two with Kelly.

Luca Troiani

Luca Troiani, aside from being one of the fabled  at Sweetgrass Flyrods, has a good couple decades of fly fishing experience. He’s certified with the WulffSchool of Casting Instruction & has been teaching people casting & fly fishing for over decade. He loves to walk & wade our localwaters, & always looking for newwaters to explore.You'll find him stalking trout year round,whether he's swinging wetflies & stripping streamers in the fall & winter,or stalking trout sipping dries on his hands & knees in the spring. He's always eager to find where & what the trout are eating. He believes you never quit learning fishing the fly, so he will always be in pursuit of fish. A recent addition to our team,Luca’s penchant for wade fishing & “throwing cane” is a home run with many of our discerning anglers.

Joe Willauer

If you've been to The Stonefly Inn in the last 10 years you have probably been in Joe's boat or at least heard his booming laugh bellow through the roost. A life-long fly fisherman, Joe began his guiding career on the Montana-farm-league known as the Yakima River in Central Washington over a decade ago. Joe and his beautiful wife and daughter have become permanent residents of Twin Bridges, residing along the banks of the Beaverhead. Joe began working a "real job" in 2013 and has resigned to hobby guide status, so if you want in his blue boat, get ahold of us early.

Sky Jones

As a child, Sky Jones cut his teeth fly fishing the waters of San Juan County New Mexico.  After moving to Montana in 2002, he knew he had found a new home. Sky resides in Bozeman, where he guides around the state. He has rapidly become a steady fixture here at The Stonefly over the last season, as his quit wit and entertaining attitude seems to fit right in around here. When it comes to Sky - it seems like the fishing is simply second nature to him.
When not guiding clients on the river, or sitting around our campfire spinning tales - he can often be found volunteering his time with various combat veterans organizations.


Tyler Barrus

Those that know Rooster and Tyler know that there is a book being written titled "Waiting on Tyler".
If you have never experienced "Barrus Standard Time" - it is something to behold. His attitude is contagious and he will stop at nothing to show you a good time on the river. With over 20 years of experience guiding on the waters surrounding Twin Bridges, he is a pure professional and knows where to be, and when to be there.
In recent years, Tyler has started his own Ranch Management business and has vastly improved some of our fisheries. 
He is also one of our featured hosts on our destination travel trips to far off places.

Holly Phipps

Our General Manager, Chief of Staff, VP of operations and the person that makes things happen, Holly is the person that gets you to Montana. You will get to know Holly and her great business acumen not only throughout the booking process, but in our day to day operations here at The Stonefly. 
Nearly finished with her 8th season here at The Stonefly, Holly has a vast knowledge of our fisheries, our guide staff and our seasons. She is a great resource for information regarding anything in our area - whether it is a fishing forecast or an itinerary for some non-fishing activities. 
With her pleasant attitude and southern accent, she is a great asset not only to this business, but to your vacation.
One of the few Simms endorsed outfitters in the United States, your outfitter and lodge owner Dan "Rooster" Leavens knows what it takes to get the job done right, the first time. From his guide crew to his office staff you can count on a professional, courteous, entertaining and hard working team that will make you feel at home during your stay.
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