April 22 report

Today turned out to be a great day here in Twin Bridges,  its 56 degrees and sunny! With this break in the weather the bugs have gone into overdrive and and the Beav and Ruby are still in great shape. The Big Hole is still recovering from the rain we had but is steadily dropping from 3700 cfs. make sure to have some parachute Adams and a couple BWO emerges before you head out! Cheers

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april 20 report

After yesterdays warm weather causing a little snow melt and this mornings rain storm the Big hole bumped up to about 3,000 cfs but the ruby is still at 54cfs and the beav is at a steady 176 cfs. Worms and a blonde Pats Rubber leg is doing the trick right now on the Big Hole, but if you're on the Beav or the Ruby fishing smaller flies like a flashback Pheasant tail, a small psycho may or scuds should get the job done. Before you go out make sure your waders are  dry if you are coming from out of state! Cheers!

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April 19 report

Today is looking to be another great day in south west Montana today!! Our rivers are loving this weather, the Big Hole is at a happy 1540 cfs after a little bump of water, but the Beav (Beaverhead) is still at 175 cfs along with the Ruby at 54 cfs. Fish are definitely starting to look up after what I witnessed last night! The streamer fishing has been slow with this sun shining but the dry fly bite makes up for that. Nymphing when the fish aren't rising is your best bet right now, throwing smaller pheasant tails and stones. Fishing picks up mid morning  (10:00-12:00) but slows down afterwards, although the fish are still eating all day! Big fish are on the prowl so make sure your knots are wet and your buddy (or yourself) has the net ready! Cheers!

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April 18 2019 report

The sun is shining here in Twin Bridges and the bugs are liking it! With a little bit of rain in the forecast for this weekend now is the time to get out and enjoy this awesome weather we are having! Rivers are still in very good shape and the fishing is getting exponentially better as the days go by!  Looks like I'm going fishing this evening, and I hope you are too!  If you're getting out tonight don't forget your floatant, and a buddy! See you on the water

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April 17th 2019 fishing report

Fishing has been pretty slow this past week, but the fish still have to eat! Dead drifting streamers, deep is a very good option if you don't want to nymph little Baetis, worms, midges or the good 'ole Pats Rubber Leg! Keep an eye out for the blue winged olives (BWO) and midges flying around later in the day, The dry fly bite in the evening has been picking up! With the weather getting progressively better after a rainy week, so will the fishing! Weather for the next week looks super fishy, and the rivers are in good shape with the Big Hole is running at 1,320 CFS and steadily dropping, the Beaver Head is sitting at a nice 175 CFS but a little dirty, and the Ruby is at a perfect 54 CFS and clear, make sure to double check your knots and leader from the last time you [...]

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Early April – 2019. Gettin’ ready to get ready.

It is just about time in Montana to get serious about some trout fishing. Spring clean up is almost over, we are about 75% finished with our start up agenda (read - fixing broken stuff), and the rivers are all thawed and looking great! Although cold, the fish will eat a variety of things, as long as your presentation is slowwwwwwww. I expect our freestone rivers and the fishing to get really good on the second next warm day. You know, not the first one, but the one after that. Think April 15th. In other news - I was lucky enough to travel to the Seychelles a couple times this off season, and catch a couple remarkable fish in the process. The GT in the photo is quite possibly the coolest fish I have ever caught on a fly rod. Trailing a shark, in a 4 foot surf, on foot [...]

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August forecast – August 1, 2018

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of grasshoppers on the back lawn of the lodge this morning...... I'll just say that.  Are they eating them yet?? Yes. In certain spots. At certain times. This should only get better over the next few weeks. Reports coming in from the guides have been all over the map, but by and large they have all been indicative of good to great fishing. There is plenty of water in the Big Hole, Jefferson and Beaverhead - this just means we should be free and clear of any low water closures, but please keep an eye on afternoon temps as the days get hotter. The fish have a way of protecting themselves on hot days - by not biting as the water warms to 65 and higher, that said, use your head and let's not abuse this wonderful resource.  

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July 1st – 2018

Here's what's happening around here now. Fishing. Alot of it. Every body of water within 100 miles is in absolute peak condition. There are hatches ranging from PMD's and Green Drakes to Salmonflies happening every day, on every river. And trout are eating them. Sometimes better than others, of course - but fishing is and will continue to be very good around here for quite some time. Please call the shop for a more up to date report, or to check our availability. 406-684-5648

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The Next Generation

With both of my girls in somewhat of a spotlight around the lodge, I often get asked "How do I get my kids into this like they are?" I guess I am lucky to have little girls that would rather fish than go shopping or play with video games. For this I am eternally grateful to my ancestors and the apparent genetics that I have passed on. While that sounds great - they are both doomed to be short like I am as well. I haven't really broke that news to them yet..... At any rate, to answer the question - I believe exposure is the #1 contributing factor when it comes to peaking the interest of our next generation. Sure, there are tricks, hacks, cheats. Farm ponds are great. We want to keep this fun - and there is nothing like a bent rod and splashing fish to make [...]

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March 24th Fishing Report

Things are really starting to shape up around Twin Bridges. It looks like *most* of the ice has receded from the Big Hole and Jefferson. The visibility on the Jeff is marginal, but may be just right for some of you streamer junkies. The Big Hole looks great, but cold. Fish the slow water. The Beaverhead has been pretty consistent up around Grasshopper Creek, and the Ruby is almost as good as it gets. If you are headed to the Madison, make sure and have your hurricane strap on your cowboy hat. It is fishing well, but has been a bit blustery over there!

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