AUGUST 30TH, 2017

It is hot. And smokey. The water is low. 2 rivers are still on “Hoot Owl” restrictions. Oh god, the doom and gloom. Let everyone think that. We have just had a couple weeks of the better dry fly fishing of the season – and personally I havent seen another angler in 17 days. Every few days the wind shifts and the smoke clears out. The willows are starting to turn red. The sandhill cranes are here and yes – fall is just about here. Our fish are eating hoppers, stoneflies, and of course the secret prince nymph. Walk wade fishing is good. Floating is even better. Evening floats on the Beaverhead have been great – as well as walking some of our lesser known spring creeks and mountain freestones. It’ll only be a few more days and the nights will be even cooler. The rivers will come up as [...]