No, it’s not here yet. But it’s coming. I saw gophers popping up through the snow yesterday. Not only that, but we caught a few nice rainbows in our pond. It won’t be long now. I for one – am ready.

If you just HAVE to fish – look at the upper Ruby on the warmer days, don’t forget about the middle section of the Beaverhead (It is closed from the dam to Pipe Organ) and if you want to jump in the crowds – let’s head towards Missoula. They should be seeing Skwala Dries anytime.

For now, the Big Hole is still ice-jammed, as well as the Jefferson. It is my guess by the end of the week we will be able to get a boat through portions of these two. PLEASE check with a local shop before you attempt it though. There is no substitute for local knowledge…..

Stay tuned for more reports as we blow the dust off of the trout gear.

Thanks for reading.

Dan “Rooster” Leavens