One day it’s snowing, the next you are in a T-Shirt. I swear the weather here is just about as crazy as a fishing guide. Things are starting to look pretty fishable here in the valley. I am sure the Ruby will fish well today, in fact I may just take a ride up there this afternoon with a handful of griffith’s gnats and look for a few risers.

The Big Hole – still pretty ICY down low. Although it is starting to break up, we best give it another week or two.

The Jefferson – Muddy. Icy. Not Bueno.

The Madison – open and fishing well! Big buggers, zonkers, small midges, princes – all the normal stuff. Look for the slow water and be patient!

The Beaverhead – Still closed from the dam to Pipe Organ. But from Pipe to Anderson Lane looks great! There’s a pile of water in the reservoir and this season could be a great one up on the Beav!

More to come as we blow the dust of the gear this week….