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August forecast – August 1, 2018

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of grasshoppers on the back lawn of the lodge this morning...... I'll just say that.  Are they eating them yet?? Yes. In certain spots. At certain times. This should only get better over the next few weeks. Reports coming in from the guides have been all over the map, but by and large they have all been indicative of good to great fishing. There is plenty of water in the Big Hole, Jefferson and Beaverhead - this just means we should be free and clear of any low water closures, but please keep an eye on afternoon temps as the days get hotter. The fish have a way of protecting themselves on hot days - by not biting as the water warms to 65 and higher, that said, use your head and let's not abuse this wonderful resource.  

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July 1st – 2018

Here's what's happening around here now. Fishing. Alot of it. Every body of water within 100 miles is in absolute peak condition. There are hatches ranging from PMD's and Green Drakes to Salmonflies happening every day, on every river. And trout are eating them. Sometimes better than others, of course - but fishing is and will continue to be very good around here for quite some time. Please call the shop for a more up to date report, or to check our availability. 406-684-5648

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