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May 27 report

Its a little chilly this Morning in Twin Bridges, with a little rain in the forecast today should be a great day to do some fishing if the Wind doesn't pick up here!!  The Big Hole is at about 3100 cfs  and fishing is much better in the morning and slows down around 14:00. The Beaver head is on fire as of right now, flowing 314 cfs out of the Dam. The Ruby river is slowly gaining water with flows at 318. The weather for this week looks fantastic after Tuesday when the wind dies down. Don't forget to tell someone where you're going before you head out!!!

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May 22 Report

We had a great time on the Beaverhead the other day! Charlie and Tracey helped to put me on my first Montana trout! The fishing was excellent and the bite was consistent throughout the day. I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to continuing to work and explore this awesome area of Montana while having the opportunity to meet all of our awesome guests! -Jeff

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May 21 report- Bird Dogs and Brown Trout!

The rain has finally left twin Bridges... For now, we are seeing a little rain in the forecast for tomorrow but not enough to worry about. All of our rivers are now dropping to very fish-able levels! The Big Hole river has seen a drastic drop in water levels from almost 7000 cfs to around 4500!!! The Beaver head has dropped a little bit and is coming out of the Dam at 440 cfs, the Ruby on the other hand is a little high at 530 cfs. Tossing streamers with lead or nymphing worms deep is doing the trick when the wind isn't blowing too hard. Make sure to keep an eye on this blog for some "how to" posts on fishing our area of the world! Cheers!!

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May 17 report

Well, the rain has hit Twin Bridges and so has run off... The Big Hole river is exponentially gaining water now at 5100 cfs. The Ruby and the Beaverhead River are not seeing the amount of water the Big hole is but they are definitely being affected with the Beaver head coming out of the dam at 550 cfs and the Ruby river is at 700 cfs. Fishing has been a little tricky with rising water levels but once the rivers peak and flatten out a bit the bite will be ON!! Make sure to wade EXTREMELY carefully with rising water levels and ALWAYS wear a wading belt!! Cheers!!!

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may 14 report

The warm weather has been here for a while in Twin Bridges, but that also means run off is about to hit us like a train. Not to worry though the Big Hole river fishes very well during run off, just be safe with the rising water levels. The Bighole is flowing at just under 3,000 cfs and on a steady rise, The Beaver head on the other hand is coming out of the dam at 470 cfs and the water is a perfect color!! Lastly, the Ruby river has been sitting around 400 cfs for  the past week but was bumped to 500 cfs... It is a little hard to wade but you can definitely catch fish!!

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May 13 report

The Wind  has finally left Twin Bridges and it is stinking beautiful out!! Skwalas on the Jefferson river this week, Rooster says it is one of the best hatches he has ever seen!! The Jefferson River is flowing at 2800 cfs here in town but steadily dropping, The Ruby river has been sitting at 402 cfs for the past couple days, and the Beaver head river is coming out of the dam at 360 cfs. The Big Hole on the other hand is sitting pretty consistent at 2300 cfs. Don't forget to wipe off your sunglasses when you head out!!

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May 8 report

Roosters face in the picture above  explains how we all feel about this wind here in Twin Bridges today, but don't let that fool you the fish are happy and hungry!!  The Big Hole river is slowly rising at 1740, fishing isn't very consistent but you can definitely find them! The Beaver head river on the other hand is at 505 cfs out of the dam and pretty dirty in town. The Ruby may be your best bet, but I haven't been down that way since Monday. The Dam master bumped the flows to about 400 cfs just today, but right below the Dam is usually pretty clean! Don't forget your net when you head out, I do that too often! Cheers!

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May 6 report

It was a little chilly walking to the shop this morning but will warm up to the mid 60's here in Twin Bridges today. Fishing has been pretty consistent all around, The Beaver head River, which is flowing at just under 600 cfs out of the Dam, and Ruby which is at 195 cfs have both settled after they bumped up the flows so get back out there! The Big Hole on the other hand is still looking good at 1900! Caddis should be coming off any day now so get excited because I am! Don't forget a warm cup of coffee before you head out in the morning! Cheers!

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May 3 report

We couldn't have asked for a better day here in South West Montana! The sun is shining with a little breeze and the fish are HUNGRY. The Ruby is flowing high at 168 cfs but the Big Hole is at a perfect 1700 cfs. The Beav has gained a little water and is coming out of the dam at 360 cfs (a gain of about 120 cfs from yesterday). We are slowly and I mean very slowly seeing the effects of run off as the daily temps warm up. We are still fishing the same stuff, under bobbers mostly but some good dry fly reports have been coming in... Just waiting on the caddis and march browns to start up then its GAME ON! Before you make your next trip to the river, make sure to have our new sticker on your rig!! You can call Rob in the shop [...]

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May 2 report

It looks like its a perfect day in Twin Bridges to catch some trout! The Big Hole is at a perfect 1930 cfs and the Beav in town is still a little high at about 360 cfs. The Ruby is at about 110 cfs from yesterday when it was at 54 cfs, it should be fishing really well in about 4-5 days as long as this weather holds!! I have been seeing some Baetis on cloudy days and BWOs on the sunnier days, We are still waiting for the Caddis to pop but it should be soon!! We are still fishing worms and stones on the Big Hole, and sow bugs/scuds are the ticket on the Beav. Make sure to grab a stream thermometer when you head out, knowing the water temp can lead you right to the trout! Cheers!

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