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June 4 report- stocking our trout pond!

It is a Beautiful day in Twin Bridges and it looks like it's going to be a hot one, sunny with a high of 80 degrees! The fishing is pretty good right now, the rivers haven't blown out completely just yet. The Big Hole river is flowing at a beautiful 4,090 cfs, and the Beaver head river is coming out of the Dam at 531 cfs, that's pretty good if you ask me! The Ruby river is trending up in flows at but is currently flowing at about 520 cfs. Rooster anticipates Salmon flies and the big bugs within the next 48 hours (weather dependent). The forecast for the next few days is pretty warm (low 80's) until Friday when it will cool down to about 50 for a few days then back to the warmth! Don't forget sunscreen, especially when you're in a drift boat you'll burn quick out [...]

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June 3 Report

It's finally June in Twin Bridges, but the mosquitoes are back... Fishing has been surprisingly good these past few days, and weather looks great for this following week. Our rivers are definitely seeing the effects of run off but very slowly, water clarity is a little lacking on the Ruby but the Jefferson, Big Hole, and Beaver head river are in pretty good shape in terms of water clarity. The rivers are fluctuating a bit day to day because of run off but the Beaver head is coming steadily out of the Dam at 511 cfs, The Big Hole is rising slowly and at Maiden Rock and it is flowing at approximately 4100 cfs, Charlie mentioned he loves to fish these flows! The Ruby is quite high at 500 and is kind of scary to wade in my opinion but fish are catchable on flashy dark streamers.  Twitching buggers and worms [...]

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