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May 26th, 2020

With our first annual or semi-annual guide school behind us, it is time to start looking down the road to what is in store this summer. Before I do that - I need to shout out to the students and instructors that made the week of guide school such a success. To all the boys - Brian, Quentin, Marty, Tolman, Charlie and Colton - thanks for braving the global pandemic and making this happen. Without you we wouldn't have had much to talk about. Ok, that may not be completely true. Whenever myself, Hudgens, Agee, Weck, Klug and a bottle of whiskey find a campfire - there are no shortage of things to talk about. Thanks guys. That was a long but rewarding week. Looking forward, it is possible that we have already seen our peak flows on the Big Hole. I am hearing about Caddis that are better late [...]

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Mid May Update

Let's go fishing. The rivers are in prime pre-runoff shape right now, the caddis are getting rolling and the fish are biting. With the state starting to open back up for business - there are a few people out and about, but we are VERY far from crowded down in this neck of the woods. That all said, we have guides available virtually on call, as many of our non-resident anglers are still feeling the restrictions of travel and quarantines. If you live here in Montana - there is no better time to be on the water. Let's all do our part to get our industry up and rolling again by simply going fishing. That's all for now. See you out there.  

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