Just when things start settling in to being “normal”, you get dealt a snowstorm and rapidly rising rivers. You know what they say – if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

As if this season isn’t challenging enough, with cancellations, re-schedules, and quarantines mother nature decides to shuffle the deck with a spring snowstorm. I’ll take it though. Every drop of rain, every flake of snow and every cfs of water they deliver to our beloved watersheds is welcome in my book.

Looking forward – here’s what I think we can expect in the next week or so.

The Big Hole will crest today or tomorrow AGAIN, and start dropping to a more manageable level and clarity. There were a few stones starting to show and the fish had the feed bag strapped on for 4 or 5 days. This water event will re-set the clock again and I look for the big bugs to start their emergence later this week.

The Jefferson – see you around July 4th.

The Beaverhead – business as usual. There’s no real hatch to speak of, so stock up on scuds, pheasant tails and dirt snakes until the PMD’s start drifting.

The Ruby – it’s going to be a little while. The water is coming over the spillway.

The Madison – see you around June 20th.

There you have it. Until then – hit your stillwaters, spring creeks, tie flies, clean your house, build something, book a trip somewhere for later this summer.

Thanks for checking in.