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August forecast – August 1, 2018

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of grasshoppers on the back lawn of the lodge this morning...... I'll just say that.  Are they eating them yet?? Yes. In certain spots. At certain times. This should only get better over the next few weeks. Reports coming in from the guides have been all over the map, but by and large they have all been indicative of good to great fishing. There is plenty of water in the Big Hole, Jefferson and Beaverhead - this just means we should be free and clear of any low water closures, but please keep an eye on afternoon temps as the days get hotter. The fish have a way of protecting themselves on hot days - by not biting as the water warms to 65 and higher, that said, use your head and let's not abuse this wonderful resource.  

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The Next Generation

With both of my girls in somewhat of a spotlight around the lodge, I often get asked "How do I get my kids into this like they are?" I guess I am lucky to have little girls that would rather fish than go shopping or play with video games. For this I am eternally grateful to my ancestors and the apparent genetics that I have passed on. While that sounds great - they are both doomed to be short like I am as well. I haven't really broke that news to them yet..... At any rate, to answer the question - I believe exposure is the #1 contributing factor when it comes to peaking the interest of our next generation. Sure, there are tricks, hacks, cheats. Farm ponds are great. We want to keep this fun - and there is nothing like a bent rod and splashing fish to make [...]

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September 14th – Fall is here

Just when you think you can't take another day of the heat, smoke and low water - Montana and mother nature deliver. We are expecting a winter storm this afternoon, which should deliver some snow to the high country, some water to the rivers and a much needed reprieve from the heat. Such is life in the Rocky Mountains, and more so life as an outfitter. This should mix up the fishing accordingly. The Trico's will be gone, only the toughest hoppers will survive and the fall streamer game will start to ramp up. I would expect we are still a few days from the Lower Big Hole opening - but you never know. The Jefferson has remained open throughout the season and fished remarkably well. The Madison & Ennis Lake complex has been steady fishing throughout the season and should only get better as the diets of the bigger [...]

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AUGUST 30TH, 2017

It is hot. And smokey. The water is low. 2 rivers are still on “Hoot Owl” restrictions. Oh god, the doom and gloom. Let everyone think that. We have just had a couple weeks of the better dry fly fishing of the season – and personally I havent seen another angler in 17 days. Every few days the wind shifts and the smoke clears out. The willows are starting to turn red. The sandhill cranes are here and yes – fall is just about here. Our fish are eating hoppers, stoneflies, and of course the secret prince nymph. Walk wade fishing is good. Floating is even better. Evening floats on the Beaverhead have been great – as well as walking some of our lesser known spring creeks and mountain freestones. It’ll only be a few more days and the nights will be even cooler. The rivers will come up as [...]

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