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May 26th, 2020

With our first annual or semi-annual guide school behind us, it is time to start looking down the road to what is in store this summer. Before I do that - I need to shout out to the students and instructors that made the week of guide school such a success. To all the boys - Brian, Quentin, Marty, Tolman, Charlie and Colton - thanks for braving the global pandemic and making this happen. Without you we wouldn't have had much to talk about. Ok, that may not be completely true. Whenever myself, Hudgens, Agee, Weck, Klug and a bottle of whiskey find a campfire - there are no shortage of things to talk about. Thanks guys. That was a long but rewarding week. Looking forward, it is possible that we have already seen our peak flows on the Big Hole. I am hearing about Caddis that are better late [...]

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July 13 report

It was a hot one today on Twin Bridges make sure you bring ample amounts of sunscreen AND bug spray. fish are eating a variety of nymphs including a Pats Rubber leg, Psycho May, Prince Nypmhs and Micro Mays. water temperatures are rising but there is still a lot of cold water! Don't forget that we run shuttles From Notch Bottom on the Big Hole river to Waterloo on The Jefferson river!

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July 12 report

The weather is hot in Twin Bridges and so is The fishing! Dry Dropper fishing is the base menu with Chubbies and purple hazes, some cripple patterns too. Any Tungsten dropper with a little flash is working well  along with PMD and Caddis emergers! Make sure you bring ample amounts of water!

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July 7 report

Summer is in full swing here in Twin Bridges, and the trout are loving summer! We are still seeing a good variety of bugs hatching including PMD's, Golden Stones, Caddis, Drakes, and Sallies on our rivers. Dry dropper fishing has been most effective all over the board but nymphing PMD/Sallies on the Beaverhead is quite productive as well. We have great flows everwhere, The Ruby is at 260 cfs, The Beaverhead is coming out of the Dam at 525 cfs and the Big Hole in Melrose is at a beautiful 1060 cfs.

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June 28 report

It is a fantastic day in Twin Bridges, Montana and the fishing is about the same! We are seeing large numbers of PMD's, Caddis and Golden Stones on the Big Hole river, and the Beaver head is seeing all those bugs except the golden stones. Flows on all of our rivers are great, starting with the Big Hole which is sitting at about 1400 cfs and trending down, the Beaver head is coming out of the Dam at 541 cfs but the water is a little off color. The Ruby is in great condition flowing at 290 cfs and clarity is perfect. Dries mostly later in the day like a purple haze or a chubby but when nymphing throw a brown split back PMD with your favorite Stonefly or pheasant tail.make sure you grab lunch before you head out! Cheers

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June 18 report

It is looking to be another fantastic day in South West Montana! The big Hole river is dropping very slowing and is currently sitting at 2300 cfs at Maiden rock, and the fishing cant get much better than it is right now. The Beaver head is still coming out of the dam at 626 cfs and fishing is pretty consistent. The Ruby is still a little high and off color but is fishing well. The Jefferson river is also fishing pretty well and is flowing at about 3000 cfs and clarity is pretty good.  Don't forget sunscreen before you head out!!! Cheers

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June 7 report

It's raining a little bit in Twin Bridges today but fishing can be really good when its raining!! Flows are coming up a little bit following the rain but the Big Hole is at just under 3000 cfs and is fishing GREAT, The Beaver head river is a little higher than yesterday at 695 which is almost above the banks in some spots, water clarity in town here is <12 inches and the ruby is still high at about 580 cfs, but fish are eating in there. Both today and tomorrow look like a great day to strip streamers with the cloud cover and rain, if they don't eat a zonker under a bobber throw a big rubber legs (size 4-6) in any color. The salmon flies should be flying within the next 5 days hopefully, we are just counting down the minutes at this point!!

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June 6 report- BROWN TROUT

Fishing is outstanding as of right now, Flows are great and fish are happy! Our guide Ty Smith with Steve landed the massive fish pictured yesterday on the Big Hole river, what a fish! Speaking of the Big Hole, it is flowing at just over 1600 cfs at Mudd creek, the beav is also in great shape coming out of the Dam at 665 which is about 70 cfs higher than what it has been at for the past couple weeks. The ruby is still flowing high and fast just under 600 cfs but you can definitely find fish! Pats rubber legs are working well along with psycho mays and worms, but the fish are being picky right now so change often until you crack the code! Keep your eyes out for the big bugs they are going to pop off anytime, make sure you're here when that happens! Cheers!! [...]

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June 4 report- stocking our trout pond!

It is a Beautiful day in Twin Bridges and it looks like it's going to be a hot one, sunny with a high of 80 degrees! The fishing is pretty good right now, the rivers haven't blown out completely just yet. The Big Hole river is flowing at a beautiful 4,090 cfs, and the Beaver head river is coming out of the Dam at 531 cfs, that's pretty good if you ask me! The Ruby river is trending up in flows at but is currently flowing at about 520 cfs. Rooster anticipates Salmon flies and the big bugs within the next 48 hours (weather dependent). The forecast for the next few days is pretty warm (low 80's) until Friday when it will cool down to about 50 for a few days then back to the warmth! Don't forget sunscreen, especially when you're in a drift boat you'll burn quick out [...]

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