July 13 report

It was a hot one today on Twin Bridges make sure you bring ample amounts of sunscreen AND bug spray. fish are eating a variety of nymphs including a Pats Rubber leg, Psycho May, Prince Nypmhs and Micro Mays. water temperatures are rising but there is still a lot of cold water! Don't forget that we run shuttles From Notch Bottom on the Big Hole river to Waterloo on The Jefferson river!

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July 12 report

The weather is hot in Twin Bridges and so is The fishing! Dry Dropper fishing is the base menu with Chubbies and purple hazes, some cripple patterns too. Any Tungsten dropper with a little flash is working well  along with PMD and Caddis emergers! Make sure you bring ample amounts of water!

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July 7 report

Summer is in full swing here in Twin Bridges, and the trout are loving summer! We are still seeing a good variety of bugs hatching including PMD's, Golden Stones, Caddis, Drakes, and Sallies on our rivers. Dry dropper fishing has been most effective all over the board but nymphing PMD/Sallies on the Beaverhead is quite productive as well. We have great flows everwhere, The Ruby is at 260 cfs, The Beaverhead is coming out of the Dam at 525 cfs and the Big Hole in Melrose is at a beautiful 1060 cfs.

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July 1 Report

Fishing is fantastic in Twin Bridges Montana and the surrounding areas right now. Weather for this week looks great with pretty regular afternoon thunder storms. The Big Hole river has a lot of fish looking up and the whitefish bite is on sub surface... The Big Hole at Maiden rock is at a great 1230 cfs, and the Beaverhead is coming out of the dam at about 530 cfs. Nymphs mostly on the Beav unless you see some fish rising then the dry bite should be pretty good through out the day. The Ruby is a little off color but is flowing at 315 cfs which is almost perfect but super fishable! We are seeing a lot of PMDs and a few Caddis and Sallies . Look for cloud cover if you intend on fishing dries, the fish don't like to rise in the bright sun!!

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June 28 report

It is a fantastic day in Twin Bridges, Montana and the fishing is about the same! We are seeing large numbers of PMD's, Caddis and Golden Stones on the Big Hole river, and the Beaver head is seeing all those bugs except the golden stones. Flows on all of our rivers are great, starting with the Big Hole which is sitting at about 1400 cfs and trending down, the Beaver head is coming out of the Dam at 541 cfs but the water is a little off color. The Ruby is in great condition flowing at 290 cfs and clarity is perfect. Dries mostly later in the day like a purple haze or a chubby but when nymphing throw a brown split back PMD with your favorite Stonefly or pheasant tail.make sure you grab lunch before you head out! Cheers

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June 23 report

Its a little rainy and cold her in Southwest Montana but it should warm up this week! Fishing is still spectacular with the Beaver head and Big hole river  seeing a decent amount of bug activity. The Big hole has seen a little drop in water levels and is sitting at just over 2000 cfs about 100 cfs down from yesterday. The Beaver head on the other hand is still coming out of the Dam at 626 cfs and is fishing really consistent right now along with the Ruby river at 313 cfs our tail waters are in great shape! we are starting to see PMD's on every river and we should start seeing more Green Drakes as the days go by!

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June 22 report – Summer?

It was a little wet and chilly on the walk over to the shop this morning. The Weather man say its going to be getting progressively warmer as we head into next week. With a little bit of rain and of course clouds, fishing is great right now and we are waiting for the Beaver head river to get REALLY good in the coming weeks. The Beaver head is flowing out of the Dam at 649 cfs and is a really good color here in Twin Bridges. The Ruby river is coming down , clearing up and is fishing very well right now at 338 cfs. The Big Hole river... The Big Hole is fishing so good right now I cannot do it justice in this report you must come see for yourself, bugs are everywhere. PMD's, Golden Stones, Green Drakes, Salmonflies and with the flows near 2100 at maiden [...]

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June 18 report

It is looking to be another fantastic day in South West Montana! The big Hole river is dropping very slowing and is currently sitting at 2300 cfs at Maiden rock, and the fishing cant get much better than it is right now. The Beaver head is still coming out of the dam at 626 cfs and fishing is pretty consistent. The Ruby is still a little high and off color but is fishing well. The Jefferson river is also fishing pretty well and is flowing at about 3000 cfs and clarity is pretty good.  Don't forget sunscreen before you head out!!! Cheers

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